HELP desperately needed! Theme - 2nd Soft Reject!

Hey Guys, could you please help us get this approved.
The feedback from the reviewer is quite not very helpful.

"The quality of your item does not meet the minimum standards of the WordPress category. You need to focus on improving the overall quality of your item before resubmitting. "

We are quite buffled and desperate because of the imprecise feddback.
So every feedback is very welcome!

Thanks in advance!

That feedback is normally ‘hard’ rejected, hence the generics.

You have a few (small but avoidable) validation issues

Are you sure it meets all submission guidelines?

Typography is ok but it’s a bit plain and needs work in places

Padding and spacing needs attention - a lot of the site is way too close together and not padded properly e.g. the team members, footer, filter, title are very cramped a sis the case in several places in the site e.g. titles and copy on feat. posts way too close and blog post nearly touching the footer

As a result carousel is overlapping footer

Footer needs work - seems lop sided with the gap where 2nd widget should be and flickr widget not pulling in content.

Some sliders overlap behind arrows and controls making them hard to read and use

Mega menu oculd be tidier and line up with base of header (small but irritating thing)

Unless I am missing something the posts appear to all be image posts so you need to demo different post types e.g video, gallery etc. plus they have no social sharing, no author info etc. etc. and date/author info could be better delivered

the greys and oranges do not help make it feel modern/premium which means there is extra importance in optimisng type and layouts