Help about giving sync rights to a client.


I have an email from a client who need sync rights to use my music in a documentary that he makes for a TV channel, but the channel said that their blanket P.R.O License only covers music in media produced "in house’ and not films licensed. So basically he want to negotiate the sync rights directly with me. ¿Is not enough an Envato broadcast license type in this case?

I´m really lost in this case and I do not know what to answer to this client due to my ignorance in this matter.

Thanks for any feedback.

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It isn’t the sync rights he wants to negotiate but the performance rights.

The audiojungle purchase covers the sync right, assuming that they paid for the correct broadcast license.

If you are registered with a PRO then this is where the problems will arise for the broadcaster (tv channel).
If you aren’t registered then your client can happily use your music. If he is offering a buy out fee where you are giving him the rights to use the music without receiving any performing rights them work out a price and he will probably make you sign a contract so the broadcaster can relax not worry about using your music.

Im not a lawyer or expert in this area but i’m pretty sure what iv said here is truthful advice.
Good luck


Ok, I understand. Yes, I’m with a P.R.O. Many thanks, I find your unswer very helpful. :+1: