Hello, Need Qualiy check on 2 hip hop tracks before posting

Hello, I need some quality check on 2 hip-hop tracks I’ve made. I’m new to making hip-hop beats as commercial as possible with the right amount of drive.

Any feedback is very welcome.

not playing bro

links not working ?


Donnu why it’s not working, it works for me. How about this link

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very nice work i think good job

Awesome, thanks for listening!

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i did not post yet my samples rejected check out tell me what u think Stream tech logo preview by Hesham Kuma | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

I like the vibe of it, sounds retro, but I think there’s maybe a bit too much high end frequencies with the ride going on, I would lower them a bit in the mix, and EQ the top end of the leads so it doesn’t interact with the ride.

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hello are your songs accepted fine brother?