Hip Hop Track Rejected - Need Feedback!

Hello friends,

I’m trying to upload some tracks of different styles as a bit of an experiment to see what sells. Unfortunately this track was rejected so I would really appreciate any comments. There are other hip hop tracks on audio jungle similar to this one but I know that standards have been raised over the last few years.

Track link: https://soundcloud.com/user-860945720/dark-hip-hop

Thanks so much everyone, hope you’re all having a good day!


Maybe you need to make the bass sound like “it mean it!”… and the transient in the mastering pops out too much. Cheers!

And yes, this will do better if it is in the Glitch area.

The song Whitewash by Buckethead came to mind as I listened to your track.

My first impression is that the bass is overpowering everything else in the track; it sounds to me like it has too much ‘wobble’ to it. I think the bass drum is clashing with the bass a bit, maybe try a different sound for each? I think the motif at the start could be louder and I find that it sounds too ‘dark’, maybe it could use a boost in the upper frequencies and some repeater delay on an aux to bring it out a bit more? I know it’s ‘dark’ hip hop, but I don’t think some more brightness would harm the aesthetic, lol :smiley:

I think that the Fx you have throughout the track are effective :slight_smile: