Hello dear authors programmers

Unfortunately, I’m not a programmer or an author.

I have looked at your work and am very excited about you. Unfortunately, I can not find what I’m looking for. And thought I register here to reach you.

I am looking no matter if php or per se a homepage with these functions.

Customer / Member / User. Create.

Without customer login no access on homepage

And on the customer manually activated links / Inlineframe / Files.

The links must not be seen by other users.

Template looks like it does not really matter to me.

It is important that I registered users log in and can access the information that I upload / edit for them individually.

I do not want to see the inlineframe so that the customers from where these links come exactly

Since I’m not a programmer and I do not know much, I also tried Wordpress with a lot of different plugins.

Unfortunately not the right match found.

Customer login works, enter page with login works.
The single link to the customer via inlineframe does not work.

You are the true programmer may not give something already a template of you or other course, I’m not looking for that for free.

Write all this by GooleTranslate can unfortunately only German and turkish
my mail [e-mail removed]

I think you are looking for a customized website.
I think Envato Studio might help you:

You can find here developers who speak German or Turkish and they can help you with custom coding.

Hope this helps.

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I could provide some help ( German / Turkish speakers on my team )