Headphones for my v-drums


Hey guys,

I’m looking to get a decent pair of headphones for my td-9, but trying to stay in the $100 range. I’m looking at the Sony MDR 7506. Has anyone tried them? Is there anything else in that range that you’d recommend?



I’ve got them on right now, they Rock dude. Get them! :smiley:


What a time to ask Lance, I just demo-ed two headphones. (I’m going to do some disgustingly shameless credibility establishment here: I’ve won 4 Sony Remixing contests, placed 1st runner up at an IndabaMusic contest, and have scored and composed a lot. Braggy me! :slight_smile:

  1. Shure SRH 840
  2. Audio Technica ATH M50

My friend has both, and both are well burned in. I have heard the MDR 7506 many many times.

As biased and as subjective my opinion may be, please do not buy $100 phones. No. Please spend $200-ish and get the Shures. Your ears will thank you, and me, for a long long time to come.

If you were willing to spend a lot more, I’d recommend the AKG K 701/702’s, but they’re pricey by quite a bit.

So once again, please buy the Shure SRH 840. About 100 hours break in period as my friend recalls, and I can describe the sound in one word: Heavenly. And even if this starts an opinion war: they’re FAR better and more analytical than the MDR’s.

A month back I asked about the Shures, and today after listening to them I ordered mine!

(For those about to let it lose on me: that’s my subjective opinion which I’m entitled to. Attack the phones if you will, not me !!!)


You’ll be happy with your decision, Lance. Get 'em. :slight_smile:


Yup, I got Sony MDR 7506 myself (thanks for the tip, Adrien) and they are really cool, I’m totally satisfied with them :slight_smile:


I used to be the only person in the office with the Audio Technica ATH M50’s, now 5 peeps have a pair seriously good cans! Awesome bass response too.


Check out this thread: http://audiojungle.net/forums/thread/headphones/38057

My vote is for the Sony MDR 7506. Sits nicely within your price range, and proven “tried and true” technology!


I went with the Sony 7506’s. Thanks for the help, guys. Maybe I’ll have to upgrade to the Shure’s at a later date. :slight_smile:


Awesome - I’m sure you’ll enjoy them!


Hey Lance

I did not know that you play drums btw i got the TD-20 they are sick man.

I use the Audio-Technica studio head phones they are also awesome.




The Sennheiser HD555 are awesome for eDrums. I use them for when I am drummin’ away. They sound nearly as good as my $500 HD650’s, the cord is long, and the headphones don’t weight a lot so they are comfortable to wear for extended drum sessions. Like most headphones under $100, they tend to distort at really high volumes. I run into this problem when wearing earplugs underneath the headphones when playing real drums. If you don’t plan on damaging your hearing or wearing earplugs in conjunction with the headphones, you’ll never run into that problem. They’re $84 on Amazon right now.


They finally showed up in the mail. I can’t beleive how much better my drums sound with those than with my old headphones. Wow!


AKG only!!!