Sennheiser Hd 598 vs AKG K240 Studio for mixing?

Which one? I know I know HD 600 is better, but the price tag is what stops me from getting it right now. These two are under 100 USD at the moment and so I was wondering for the last advice before I go ahead and buy them. An open back is a must for me as well.


Somewhere I’ve already seen it ! :smile: But the topic… I think that K240 absolutely not suitable for mixing.

Save money for Audio Technica ATH M50x not expensive, and very good


All these headphones are not suitable for general mix. Senhiser hd 600 “add” extra bass and cut the top audio spectrum… You never will not hear a real sound.


As I remember he needs only open type of Headphones

Oh sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Audio Technica <3

Here’s a neaty post for some budget headphones:

I love my hd600. Sounds like my studio monitors

That’s the HD650. The HD600 is the most natural sounding headphone out there.

@ Kurlykovs: The HD598 and the AKG K240 are not suitable for mixing. Get the AKG K702 or the Audio Technica ATH M40x. The last one should be in your price range.

Looks like audio technica arent an open back head phones. I have a pair of senheiser 280 and buying another pair of closed back headhones wouldnt be the greatest idea. Ive read about AKGs 240 being the classic headhones in studios so thats why I mentioned them.

I found a used pair of HD600 on eBay for half the price, in a very mint condition, Just take your time to look at the pictures, read the seller’s reviews, etc… There are plenty of those on the used market.

Did the Search myself a few months ago. Open/closed etc. Ended with the Shure SRH440. Really neutral and hounest feedback. It’s closed but no build up(imho).

what are the best headphone under 200 ? i already have Audiotechnica ATH-m40x , it’s a good phone but still lacking the stereo depth and the low bit small. anyone know? tried the m50x but share the same identical issue as well.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro - one love.Imho:)

Would Beyerdynamic DT-990 250 ohm work fine with presonus studio 22vsl there are the specs for it. I am not sure if 250 ohm is too much, there is a 32 ohm version of the same headphones… which one would be better?

I have both of them. 280 - is the best, 240 - use only for clients singers and very rarely.

I use Sennheiser HD 280, in which the sound I like. In the future, I want to buy HD 650, where the sound is even better.


I ended up getting myself Beyer-dynamic DT 990, so far so good, cuz they were on massive sale.

Nice. Was not really cheap? And is a/the standard.
I’m still happy with my cheap but amazing Shure. Is still getting better after a few months.