header disappeared on the home page only, not on other pages, after enfold update

After an update of Enfold, my header logo and menu disappeared from my home page, but it is still visible on my other pages. Under “Header visibility and transparency”, in the layout section of the page called home, I had selected the option “Header is invisible and appears once the user scrolls down”. This worked before, but not anymore. I’m not a Wordpress expert… but I managed to put this site together a few years ago: http://the-eye.nl. You can see the header with logo and menu on one of the pages, e.g. help – the eye.
Any tips would be appreciated! Thank you, Martin

Make sure you check the documentation first, there may be some additional changes you may need to configure or you can contact the theme author for the free support ( within 1/2 working days, you should get a reply ). If you’re in need an urgent support, I could provide some support at Studio

Hi @martinjuergens,

maybe the header/menu settings is missing for the homepage. you can check theme option settings, home page settings to set the header for homepage. otherwise you should contact theme author or a developer.


Thank you for your quick reply! I’ll try contacting the theme author first.

Thanks for your quick reply! I checked all of the settings, but couldn’t find anything odd. I’ll try contacting the theme author.