Header not showing on pages

I purchased and installed Bistro 3 from Themeforest. For some reason, the header stopped showing up on the pages. It was working for a while then it quit. I have played with all the settings in the BeTheme Header & Subheader to try to get it to work. The header should be showing up on all pages except the Home page.

Currently in the Muffin Options Header section, the Minimalist option is set to Minimalist | On, the image has been selected and displaying in the preview window, Position is Left Top | no repeat, and Size is auto (I am not using any fixed or parallax).

The Subheader is set to Hide, no image.

When viewing the page, the space for the header shows the space where it is supposed to be located but displays the background color, no image.

The page can be viewed on the testing server at http:\stumptown.stumptownsteno.com (my daughters business).