Having problems canceling my subscription.

I hope you can help. I purchased a subscription to envato thinking that I would have full access to graphicriver but it seems I have limited choice of downloads from graphicriver. I tried to cancel my subscription but my cancel button is greyed out and not selectable. I tried to email Envato but have not heard back from anyone. Please help me cancel my subscription.

That’s correct, you purchased a subscription to Envato Elements which is not the same as the marketplaces (GraphicRiver, ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, etc). Only select items are available.

You can cancel your subscription at this page: https://elements.envato.com/account/subscription

If you already have cancelled, then it should say your subscription will “expire in x days” on the left side. If it has NOT been cancelled, it will say your subscription will “automatically renew in x days”. Only if you’ve already cancelled should the cancel button be greyed out.

Other than that, this is a community forum (we’re users just like you) so we can’t access your account or anything. You’ll have to wait for a response from support.

Thank you Allen, your information is useful :sweat_smile: