Having problem while uplaoding first item? Please help me

Hello everyone,

I created a template kit using elementor and was trying to upload the zip file. When i tried to upload it gives me this error.

“You must indicate you have suitable licenses / ownership of the content you’re uploading”

What i am missing? Could some one guide me please?

Thank you

in the upload page you will see:

Message to the Reviewer

there is a checkbox for - Any images, sounds, video, code, flash, or other assets that are …

have you checked that checkbox?

you should appropriately licensed all assets for use in the file preview or main download.

No, I didn’t check that. Missed it. Thanks alot for pointing it out.

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Now its displaying this error.

There was an error processing your item: Magic Byte check failed for path /data2/marketplace/shared/files/tmp/326baa5b-3ae3-4f98-88d2-dd3931986759/package.zip

you can delete all uploaded files then upload your item again and set accordingly. Also you can try with another browser.