Have you done Custom work?

Hi guys, just wondering if anybody has been contacted to do custom work for somebody and if so how much do you usually charge?

I have done custom work, but not through here. The price most base depending on what the project is for. So it could be anything from say $100 right through to $70,000 for one track.

This is very loose but gives you some idea - https://www.prsformusic.com/licences/using-production-music/films-and-trailers

Yes, I once made an edit of one of my Audio Jungle tracks for a customer in Germany. He wasn’t quite happy with the minor key in a part of the tune, so he wanted me to make it more positive. I charged him £120


Thanks Abandon87, I just got word that the buyer wants to pay me to use one of my (Audiojungle) tracks exclusively. Problem is I’m an exclusive author but it might pay better for me to let the buyer purchase it exclusively from me. Is it possible to delete the track from my AJ Portfolio so I can do this?

Yeah you can delete it. I would charge based on what they are using the track for though such as the licensing on here (multi media licenses etc)

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If it was just for something minor like youtube then accounting for the loss in sales is important. If it was for a TV advert and you have the track regiestered with a performing rights organisation then it could earn some nice royalities etc or if they want to a buy out having complete ownership and it was for TV add then you should be looking at a fee in the thousands of dollars. It depends on what they intend to do with it to if it is worth while and of course, how much they are willing to pay.

That’s good info thanks! They want to do a buyout of the track for a bboying project in their respective country.So I’ll have to ask what kind of video it is and how it will be broadcast then.

Also ask them the overall budget for the project (not just music) and take that into account. If they license music from a proper library, the project budget is usually considered when negotiating the fee.

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