Have a few questions before buying a theme

Hi Guys,

I have been thinking about buying a theme or two for a website/blog I want to make. I know I only need the regular licence as I don’t intend to charge for use of the website. But I do have some questions.

The themes in question are:

New my questions are:

  • Is the price a one-off payment, no monthly bills?
  • Can I download the theme files and stick them directly onto my own hardware running Wordpress?
  • Am I linked with Envato in anyway? Market, footer note etc?
  • I noticed people have been saying about using images without permission in the forums. If I take images with my camera and screenshots using my computer these would be allowed?
  • As long as I just upload blogs, posts and pictures is there any foreseeable problems?
  • How would a donate button on my site effect the regular license? Allowed not allowed?



One off (unless you choose to pay to extended support)

Yes - that’s the idea. FYI WordPress.com sites don’t support third party themes except when using their business accounts


With your camera yes, screenshots would depend on what you are capturing

Nope that’s all basic stuff

Regular is still fine

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Hi Charlie,

First of thanks for the reply. I just have a couple more questions if I my regrading licenses.

  1. If I wanted to create a site with say Avada which allowed me to sell jewelry which I craft as a hobby which license would I need? Accessing the site would cost nothing.
  2. Can I add files, video etc to my site which users could download for free using a regular license?

I am assuming the ‘end product’ is considered the site as a whole and not elements of it such as a shop?



  1. regular is fine

  2. yes assuming you own the content or license to distribute it