Has this song the commercial production standar for audiojungle

Hello community,

I am a new author here on Audiojungle. I wrote 3 songs but all were submitted. Can someone check my musicfile, if it is now on the qualiti standart what Audiojungle needs.


thx for helping me

Hi there, I am afraid that this is another rejection. The gerneral musical idea is nice, but the main problem is that the instruments are badly programmed. For example the violin on the left sounds fake and annoying when it should sound expressive, the flow and dynamics of that instrument are totally wrong and you can hear it is a sample. You need to put much more work into programming these instruments imho. The arrangement could also be more interesting, there could be a little more life and movement in the strings. Also, the sound is too dry for such a piece imo.

Also, what about the ending? That is a killer :skull_crossbones:!!!

Hi! I have feel that strings playing not in rhytm. Also precussion sound not fine. Try to mix it better. Also agree with @FirstNote about ending. You need to create fine ending. Now it sounds not professional. Good luck! :slight_smile: