11th track in a row rejected

Every track I’ve ever uploaded to another marketplace has been accepted but all 11 of the ones I’ve uploaded to AudioJungle have been rejected lol. Tell me why “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle”, are they trying to say there’s no possibility of anyone buying it from AudioJungle?

This is seriously lacking in all ways man. You need more experience in arrangement, instruments, rhythm and aesthetics (reverb delay) , and sorry to be so cruel but I wonder which website is it that it approved this song?
At 1:30, I hear some strings, which should have disappeared. And all of song is like a sketch to me, arrangement and no transitions at all when changing parts. Dry sounds everywhere. This needs work. All the Best

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Maybe I’m off my rocker here as this is a new style to me but…

As far as instruments, the bass could have been replaced by strings which might have been more suiting, i realised this after. The rhythm switch in the piano is intentional to add an interesting change to the track, i think it works? I think every element on this track has a good amount of reverb on it, hell the vocals have two layers of reverb, is this style supposed to be drowning in reverb or?

1:30 is a small slip up in the automation, thank you for pointing it out.

I don’t know maybe i’m crazy in thinking this track has potential to sell?

It has no coherence, its like sounds are thrown into there randomly. Some random toms, without transitions (reverse effect or cymbals) It also very mechanical sounding, meaning all instruments sound fake and electronic sampled.

How long you produce? Maybe indeed this style isn’t your strong point. Or you need more experience at it

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OK that criticism sounds more fair, I randomised the note velocity by 5% and added a little shuffle to it to try and lightly counteract that though, perhaps i need a heavier hand with that? I wanted to keep the percussion very simple, i was considering leaving it out all together.

I’ve been producing for a few years now, i work a lot with synth design rather than real instruments so i’m not sure where i’m going wrong in making them sound more “real”.

I’ll slow down with my production of the next one and take these points into consideration.

Might as well get some more feedback while i’m here, did some quick playing around with the piano and wonder if this is more along the right lines in terms of a more human feel https://soundcloud.com/user-17010896-723189745/bcwh7k2qmvpw/s-5dl9k

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Piano lacks velocity changes and generally doesn’t sound very good, also is very repetitive. Strings at the end also sound poor and lack dynamics.

Start off with good sounds, make variations and progress the melody and chords throughout and build harmony. I’d make the ending more of a finale with some impact or something so that it can be used as an edit point in a film or video etc.

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The soundcloud clip sounds a little better.

I’ve done a few piano based tracks on here, they haven’t sold but I have never had any rejected. I’d compare this though as a reference as it sounds more like a real player and evolves and progresses throughout.


you could use better samples instead of those tom hits. something more atmospheric

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Awesome! Now you need more sounds, atmospheres, pads, guitars, soft sounds etc Your first track is also lacking of sounds, its too empty. Listen to the example of @Abandon87 it has all instruments and ambience etc etc it needs

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You want to accent notes like the first chord at the start of each four bars as an example and make certain notes more pronounced to be expressive. Randomisation will make it sound less robotic, but it’s not going to sound expressive and convey the emotion of a real player.

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