[Hard Rejection WordPress] Please help to find mistakes


I got my WordPress theme hard rejected which is already approved in HTML, PSD and XD categories.

If someone could help in details then I’d highly appreciate that. Can share details for wordpress theme, generic reviewer message. Would like to chat to someone if possible, thanks so much in advance!


All hover animations are glitched on Safari on Mac.

BTW, it is even worse for the HTML version, not sure if it is just on my end, but that one is completely glitched on Safari.

So I would start by properly test it on Mac. Other than that it is nice, but this is a serious issue.

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Thanks @LSVRthemes. Hover animations can be fixed in a soft rejection. Why hard reject it?

I am not saying this was the reason for rejection, it’s just my first impression. But upon further examining it, the reason for rejection may be that there is not much going on. It is just one homepage and a blog. There is not even contact page which is a bare minimum for this type of items. No widgets showcase. BTW those other menu items do not even work on blog pages.
I like the design but this feels like a pretty lazy conversion to WP.

Thanks so much! @LSVRthemes Can I reupload by adding everything you’ve mentioned?

I guess. I am just an author like you.

No, you can’t. This is a violation of submission and you may be banned. The main reason of the rejection is your theme has no issues but it doesn’t bring anything new to the marketplace as WordPress upload standards is different now. If the item was for few years back, you wouldn’t have any problem

In reality , he can re-upload with a lot of Major (Major Mean Major) changes, refreshing the design, fixing all that need to be fixed on so on. Obviously, if there aren’t enough big changes, the item Will be again rejected and your account May Be closed. This Is a risk.

What do you mean it doesn’t bring anything new? Please show me one single design that compares to mine on entire marketplace as far as aesthetics and uniqueness is concerned. I think even when they hard reject they should elaborate clearly why they decided to do so for authors to take advantage of their feedback. A design approved in 3 other categories should also have some weight.

There’s no guarantee that you get approval for WordPress even though your item has PSD/HTML approved already. The WordPress submission requirements has changed ( still changing )

There’s no problem with the item ( except few small details ) but the item won’t get approval even though adding few animations. If that was the problem, you would get SOFT rejection instead of HARD and they will ask you to fix it.

Thanks @ki-themes, @LSVRthemes and @Bilal200310. I think I’ve understood better.