Hard Rejection, please Help

Hello, my first submission was hard rejected which means I cannot resubmit it. I expected that from what I read about other newbie authors but unfortunately I did not receive feedback on what I need to improve to meet the industry standards. Could you please advise me on that?

Here is the link: https://youtu.be/pW4ruMRO9n8

Thank you for everyone who helps me.

  1. Low mastering Level 2. The instrument unaltered the characteristics of the modulation, and the like. 3. The tempo is low.

Good idea, but very long structure and bat mixing!!!

Alright, you helped me a lot. Thank you for your feedback guys

Nice idea, but mix is not very good. Maybe you should try some better sound libraries, also it feels like you can work more on some details in arrangement. I hope this was helpful to you.