Hard rejection of my first poster. Please help me to understand why

Hi! I am a newbie here. And this is my first poster. I need some advice what is wrong with this and why it has been hard rejected.

Looks nice! Cool style. I guess the main reason is very little empty space on the edges. Graphical elements are too close to the edges of the poster. The whole composition is very crowded in the poster. I think it would be better if you reduced everything. And I also do not understand why «the» is placed on the neck. Maybe move the word to the left.
Anyway it’s a good poster. Hope you will improve your item, and it will be aproved. Good luck vibes! :^)

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Also the problem may be that you used a character from the movie. And this is forbidden. You must have the right to every detail used in the poster

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Also the frankstein and or the lighting bolts are not centered, which adds to the possibility of a hard rejection.

And the overall design eventhough good lacks depth, or it needs something to break up the black background.

We have passed Halloween, so it is best to learn from this and press on.


Thank you!

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Hey @mybowl try to add some effects to your poster