Hard STRANGE rejection Poster

Hello my friends,

Sorry for my bad English, I will try my best to let you understand my problem.
I was trying to submit an Halloween Poster in A3 format.

Well, first time version was hard rejected with the standard message.
Here the first submission:

And I must say, layout elements, proportions was not good and there was social logos included in the design.

So, I re-submit a new version whit some improvements:

But still no luck, I received another hard rejection but this time, reviewer send me some helpful link to let me understand that the main problem was typography hierarchy and font pairing.
Here is message:
No improvements have been made to the new flyer design.

Much more work needs to be put into the typography layout, style, and design.

Try taking a look over the following links for a little help on font pairings:

Here’s a little help on picking your own typefaces, how many to use:

Then I re-submit a new version whit consistent improvements on typography, fonts pairing, layout elements, and also, the image in the background was improved (as you can see, perspective was adapted to the headline party name:

And this time I received an hard rejection with a warning message:
You are not improving anything about the flyer design.

Unless you stop submitting the same design over an over again without making any changes we may be forced to proceed to a temporary or permanent suspension of authorship.

I really don’t understand, how they can say that there are no improvements at all?? I mean, I don’t think design is rubbish and in the last version, typography and font paring seems to be good… what you think about? It’s just me or anyone else think that this poster it’s not bad?

P.S.: But, here the most strange thing for this hard rejection: In the last massage I received, thumbnail image reference of submission was the older one:

But the last one I submitted was this one:

Please, help me to figured out and tell me if you had the same experince in the past,
cause I’m a little bit discouraged.

Remember that they said typography, stye, layout and design, and helped you with the text.

Which probably means the whole thing?

I have had something soft rejected in the past, with isolated issues, some were easier to fix than others.

But l would Never resubmit something virtually the same again, (if it was hard rejected) golden rule with me is to change it enough so it is classified as a new design, (change some of the elements and background at the minimum).

And the text heirachy down the bottom could be a good reason for another rejection. I know that ENVATO, etc and the next line are seperate, but they share the same color, which could be construed as being linked?

Anyway best not to take chances with text flow this early on.

And also best NOT to send this in again, and risk damaging your account.

Halloween is a tough niche, so best to put this down to experience, come up with something new, and try again.

Good luck.


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Of course my friend, I will certanly not re-submit it again, I will try to sell it in an other site…
I thought the main problem was typography hierarchy and font pairing. But design too it seems not to be appreciate in some way.
Let’s be honest, what you think about the whole design? I accept any critic and advice :slight_smile:

What do l think,…no doubt that you were going for a minimalist design, but it is too minimalist in my opinion.

Also maybe linking Halloween with Retro may be another sore point, (but that is an educated guess).

I have had quite a few rejections in this niche, and learned a few things, so not easy, but possible.

But l wouldn’t use this background as the tension of one perspective and then trying to blend that with relatively flat foreground elements is just too hard.

Yep, l would ditch the background, and put some more effort into the text details if you do another new one.

Good luck.


yep… but you know, the goal was to create a minimalist halloween design for non conventional parties, for non commercial music events, you know.

Anyway, this idea it’s a dead end, I mean, on Envato I guess… :wink:

Thank you for advices :slight_smile:

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The font choices are quite corporate and serious looking, not what I would choose for a Halloween theme. I quite like the background image, but otherwise it doesn’t look halloween themed at all.

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Thanks for your feedback.
You know, that non-pop music electro/techno minimal and similar parties require à minimalist design and also minimalist fonts. The goal was to create something different than conventional Halloween themes. Now, the main problem is i think, that this design could be nice for minimalist parties, but not to be selled on a commercial market like Envato, because has not enough commercial elements in his conception. What you think about? I may not be putting it clearly, anyway, descouragement is gone and I’m working on another project now :smiley:

Hi guys,
I really don’t know what happened, but I just received an approval e-mail for the last version of the poster.
Like I said, the wrong thumbnail clue let me thinking reviewers were working on the wrong versions of submetted files.
In fact, I had an upload problem, triyng several times to submit the second version of the poster and receiving an error from the upload panel.
https://graphicriver.net/item/halloween-poster/20774886 :smiley:


Congrats! :smiley: That’s definitely the best version.

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Yes, congrats. And you got your first sale with it! :moneybag:

And uploads, yes, l have had that problem of it loading up the same PSD file, so best in the future to slightly change the name every time you load up.

And l would contact support and explain that there may have been a bug, (you don’t want a tarnished account).

Good to see that the mods are not super picky, but l guess l am, lol.


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In deed, I submitted a ticket and explained the situations occured for this item uploads history.
And yes, they are not super picky at all I guess :smiley: :smiley:

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