After Rejection Please take a look these flyer designs and criticize me

Hi to all designer. After first recejtion. (1st flyer design) i made 2 designs with same concept. but i need help. What points of design has to be change?

First i designed model photo as a smart object so users can easily change photo. But i worried to users can not take same result with different model photo. I planned to use this image but i have not copyright for this image (acutally this image is not stock image or etc just google>image) so i made a modify model photo like adding carnival mask etc. I wonder is this enough to use this image?

And also i used lighting and coloring effects a bit more. So i need a second opinion about these designs.

Please feel free to criticize me, Thank you

Well the blood is probably overdoing it, l know Halloween, but it is for kids, so some restraint is needed.

Looks more like an ISIS recruitment poster?

And don’t smart object your model image,it only makes it harder for the customer to fill it.

The customer has to make sure that their model image is the same dimensions as your one or it will distort their one.

Google images are usually a collection of images from their search engine, (one of mine ended up there) so you would need to check with the original creator first?


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ISIS analogy is so wrong. This is sensitive topic…

But the other hand your words are true. Maybe my starting point is wrong. I mean this is BAD for halloween concept party flyer but it can be GOOD for movie poster design or something else. what are you saying?

Maybe, but it is too blood and guts for my liking?

Even, the Alien poster didn’t have someone’s guts exploding all over the poster, it probably would have put people off?

Prometheus didn’t either, and there was a lot of exploding in that one!


It is a very well-done design visually. I don’t know if the reason why it was rejected was for design because the design is very well-done. Perhaps they just don’t like the blood or the subject matter? Seems like a possible reason but unfortunately all we can do here is guess :confused: