Hard Rejection - HTML Template

Hi Guys,

I received a hard rejection for my template without any comments so was just looking for some feedback as to why it was rejected. Is the design no good? too simple? not enough features? Any info would be useful.

You can see the demo here - http://goo.gl/uOAoYh


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Anybody able to offer some help?

  • Generally the design needs to modernize a lot

  • Logo is not great and gets a bit lost in the header

  • Spacing could be improved

  • Typography is not great, that bold Pacifico is quite outdated and does not look professional, line height on body copy needs to increase

  • There’s quite a lot of negative space - many aspects feel very centralized leaving a lot of emptiness around them e.g. contact forms, welcome text, FAQ etc.

  • Contact, location etc. widgets could be better

  • Hover state type on home page feels lost and small for the big images

  • Add different menu display options

Thanks for your input.

Check out other recent restaurant files - the level of creativity has jumped up a bit recently.

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