I not understand why hard rejected my html restaurant :(


Hi to all:

Why my html was hard rejected?

My design is too basic? I think that not.

Maybe many animations? please help me thanks.

Link: http://html.erikaivo.info/arax/



What I’ve seen:

  • It takes long to load the page
  • I think you should think of better icons styling for the about section.
  • I think you can develop the about section, it’s like services in corporate sites, but this is a restaurant.

I think some parts of your design feel professional, you need to work more on it. Good luck.


Many thanks, I understand regards. :slight_smile:

Hard Reject HTML5 Template

Please help me, why my html hard rejected?


nothing help me :frowning:


@hevada @goofydadog


Its loading very slow.

One page themes offer less value than multi-page themes so they need to really stand out if you want alot of sales.

Improve the quality. And create a multi-page version.

If you need inspiration check out:




Good Luck


Many thanks :slight_smile:

I will change javascript code loading 500 (slow) change to 200 (fast) :slight_smile:



Hero Slider Needs More Work and Menu Section.
Its looks like unfinished.

Overall Content on template is too low.
Try to add more content/pages.

background: #111; Color Looking Bad.


many thanks :slight_smile: I understand.