Hard reject on HTML template

Hi everyone,
I submitted an HTML template on Theme Forest and I get a hard rejection.
I don’t know why and have no idea where to start, what to change…
I commented on my code and provide good documentation and to be honest the design is really good…
can you help me find out what did I do wrong?

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

preview: [https://restaurant.preview.netlify.app/]

Thank you veryyyyy much.

Design needs improvement

Copy/paste content feels unfinished

Needs vastly more features and functionality and pages to compete in such a popular and busy category

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Hi Charlie, Thank you very much for your time, I really appreciate it, and I just want to ask you to make sure, do you mean I need to change content like food names and lorem ipsums that I copy and pasted a lot?
and about pages what more pages can I add? I Already included About, Contact, and Reserve pages plus 4 unique menu pages and 2 different home Pages.
thank you again.

Just picking one new item at random Candóre | Restaurant & Wine Bar

Look at the attention to detail in the design and the number of different variations of menus, other pages etc.

This is what you are competing with let alone more established items and the competitive nature of submissions is a big consideration when items are reviewed.

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Thank you very much, I have another question I would really appreciate if you could answer this too, should I include the preview page (representing page!) and its functionality in the template files too? and also should I replace the used images with placeholder images? I included the image files in the template since they were free-licensed.

It’s a useful feature

In the demo it’s fine but in the download you need to substitute with placeholders

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After load page first what I clicked was ,ctrl+0’'. Menu is too big.

thank you very much for you time.

Hi, can you explain more please, on which page the menu button is too big? thank you

You need to work with the page design: ,Pages" button and whole menu is too big and also ,get template’’ button.

No https :frowning:

Hello, based on our knowledge and experience, a hard reject specifically relates to design-related issues and has nothing to do with the quality of the code or template itself. Here’s what we did: First, we had the graphic design approved and uploaded the PSD file (which also received a hard reject for the first time), and then we started working on the HTML template. Hopefully, this information helps you.