[Hard Rejection] Construction theme

Good day.
Can someone please suggest about my Photoshop theme. I have got hard rejection several times. What can i do to make it approved. Thank you in advance.

Can anyone please suggest, what should i take a look at ?

Hi broo im just designer so i need someone who do coding . Are you good at coding

At first site I would suggest adding images rather than image placeholders. Also work on the typography, especially on headings and sub headings.

Good day, Yes we are actually good coders but seeking for good design that we can code around

ok i understand you im working o new project and i will pubshish project preview and if someone is interesed let contact me

give your elements some space to breath, feels stuck together
you have to improve hero/slider
social icons on top give them some margin right
sections paragraphs reduce their width by 50-70%
improve typography in all your design
upload it at redpen.io for better feedback I’ve got lot to mention for you

What do other pages look like or is this just a one page design?

Definitely add in images instead of placeholders at least for the demo as right now it feels a bit unfinished especially the repetitiveness of some elements

The typography generally could be improved esp. line height and hierarchy

Login text is not aligned to the button

Thank yo very much i will try your sugesstions