Hard Rejection 23



None of them was eligible, What do you think?


hi first of all u have a major problem as regard to too thin or too small lines …think about it they consider the logo in very small size here and if they do part of your item cannot be seen … after that tagline are almost invisible and typo in a general way is too flat and common …
i am also not sure but i do not guess what is supposed to be represented in the dating one, as for me i see cheeks and a g-string, and i guess this was probably not what is was supposed to be lol
for teh sound one, the shape looks awkward or kind of broken in center of the big central N
the last on is interesting concept wise though i assume that what i told u at the beginning of this message definitely applies to this logo …


Thank you for your suggestion. I think I am not making any type of minimal logo. I am working with a shape and identifying what is this shape about. You r right about first and second, I feel same now. But I like simplicity is best till I am not making a total typography or minimal using the word. LOL on my works. Thank you again for commenting.


yes but simplicity does not seem to work for all guys, minimalistic, unlike some people tend to believe this is a style, and a style not suitable for all …