Hard rejected but I confuse

Hi Forums,
Last week, I submitted an item. Because of my item is android project files, I give a preview of my app in Google PlayStore, so the customer can try my Item in action.
Then the feedback from the Review Team is like this :

  • Is this item different from the app in the PlayStore?

I think, the Reviewers try to compare my submission item and the preview app I uploaded in Google PlayStore. So my response is like :

  • No, The Item is not different from the app in the PlayStore. Both are exactly the same.

But the Reviewer’s Response is :

  • Unfortunately, your app must be different from others.

That’s what happen. I still don’t get it. Can anyone tell me why my Item is Hard-Rejected ? Because I’m 100% sure that my item is uniq from the other apps

hello @Will4490 can you please help me? :smiling_face_with_tear:

I think it is because You are Exclusive author and you have to maintain Exclusivity Policy:



Hi @mgscoder
Thanks for your response :slightly_smiling_face:

If I remove my preview app from google PlayStore, will it resolve the problem?

Thank you

hope it can resolve for reviewing your Item but there is no guaranty to get approve. If your item pas the quality standard by the review team then will get approve.

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Remember that it occurs to everyone. …
Validate your feelings. …
Look for the gaining knowledge of opportunity. …
Remind your self of your worth. …
Keep matters in perspective. …
Figure out what clearly scares you about rejection. …
Face your fear. …
Reject poor self-talk