Hard rejected but can't understand why. Need help!

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So this track just got hard rejected and to be honest we all get hard rejections, its not a big deal. HOWEVER, with this track i am honestly quite surprised and a little disheartened because i was genuinely excited for this track to be on Audiojungle and had no idea it would get rejected. It has a big market which i intended to be vloggers on YouTube who i personally have seen use this kind of track loads of times. I really can’t identify a problem with the track so can someone give me some advice here?


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Imho the problem with this track is that the production sounds very “cheap” for the lack of a better word. The sounds are plasticky, everything sounds “keyboardish” and has a midi feel… there is no life, no depth, in the track at all. Then you have a simplistic, almost naive, melody and progression, so that these things combined give the track an 80ies elevator music touch, if you know what I mean. So, unless someone is looking for that cheap sound, this track would have a hard life here looking at the competition. I believe that the reviewers are simply looking for higher quality productions these days. Hope this helps a little!

Thanks so much for the input, really appreciate it. Honestly, i dont hear it sounding “plasticky and cheap”. I watch a lot of travel vlogs and i hear them use this type of sound a lot. I’m not just disagreeing with you to disagree but trying to understand it haha.

My track is rejected with a mark too “your experimental too experimental” I long laughed… it seems and high quality and an atmosfernost are, and isn’t present go do corporate.

Hi @AaronWildeMusic! I think main problem that mood of track and instruments that you used is to far from background music. Try to listen top-sellers to understand trends. Hope this helps. Good luck!

Thank you so much for your input! :slight_smile:

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