Hard Rejected Business Card Template

My business card template has been hard rejected. Can anybody tell me Why?

This could be categorised as a “basic business card”. That doesn’t mean that it’s poorly design, it just means that it’s simple and there are already A LOT of simple/basic business cards on GraphicRiver. In fact, it’s even listed in the items that GraphicRiver does not need because they already have enough.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! It will be helpful for me to read this list.

Actually its not a simple business card. It’s a good design in my opinion. You can improve it. Your problem is in psd file maybe?

My PSD file is composed of vector elements. I suspect that the problem may be in the thin contour of colorful icon borders, which is actually an entire element. Could this be the reason for hard rejecting?

There is not only tecnical problems. Maybe Envato do not want more business card like this. And add red color option too. I dont think there is a problem about your icons. Yes it is a good card but not “unique”

That’s exactly what I was saying. It’s not a bad design, I quite like it, but it is basic/simple, which is something that GraphicRiver has a lot of already.

Thank you friends for your comments!