hard rejected business card


I uploaded some business card templates as PSD (completely layered and editable) and got hard rejected. One of the designs is attached below. What disappoints me is not the rejection but that there is no feedback at all. Not even when I asked the support about that. Only standard answers. So how can I improve things without knowing what needs improvement? So I purchased a business card template that was freshly uploaded and even sold once. I looked at the files and the structure. The design was not much different to mine. in my eyes it was worse in structure and comparable at design. But that’s subjective. So why my file was rejected and the other file I purchased wasn’t. This was not the first time. I did the same with some vector templates and found that I purchased one for comparing it to mine. There even was no help file included in the one I bought. But again standard answer from support. No answer to my question about missing help file.
Is this normal at GrapicRiver?
So please tell me what needs improvement so I can do some work with the template. Critique is welcome as long as it’s constructive :slight_smile:
Sorry for the long text. Don’t want to bore you

Thanks for reply


Yes, is normal in Graphicriver because they can not do otherwise with the amount of files to be reviewed…
regarding your file:
Try to create something different from others, if you create a file similar to other in a already saturated market, sure they reject it. Create something more unique and try to create a better presentation

Thanks for reply!

That might be the reason. But why they don’t even make some different answer buttons for rejections? Of cause there are a lot of files to review. But they are making money with the side. And what I’m missing is that the reviewers review all the same. It should not matter if they like the design as long as it meets the quality standard. The buyer should decide which design he/she likes. So better support is a must have.