[Hard Rejected Again] What is wrong with my theme?


Hi guys,


May I know what’s wrong with this coming soon theme.Can you guys help me know what is wrong with this theme.



Would you like to share a demo link.


Hi Koffeeion, thanks for you reply, I have edited my description with my demo link.


Well it’s a nice theme. For my experience many good looking theme rejected on first submission. I recommended you to change the logo design and make some little bit improvements in theme design and add some unique stuff, i hope it will be approved on your next submission. Make sure your HTML5 is valid. Good Luck :blush:


make sure your html is valid using W3 validate. It looks good. Try try to improve the design… and also add some another variants such as background image, background video etc… Good luck for your next, improved submission. my one coming soon template is rejected about a few days ago http://renjithvk.com/dezcoder/itsme/


Thanks for your reply Koffeeion :blush:


Hi dezcoder, thanks for your reply. I saw your theme it was really nice. Hope it gets approved soon. :blush:


Thanks. same to you :smile: