Hard reject. Why?! ((

These two tracks rejected. Help to understand the reasons!



Well, the first song is immediately obvious that very poor mixing , the instruments are not balanced very dry , all very transparent once you see all the mistakes , I don’t like !!!

With the second the same , I think you need a filling ( like pads ) to fill the void , the other people have mistakes that too many tools and you have too little )))) work on arrangement !!!

Cheers !!!

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Hey, first track is mixed very poor as remarked by @WildLion_Production. Also the samples sound cheap. The percussion is lost somewhere in reverb.

A lot of the same issues in the second track. Very unbalanced mix in relation to the track levels, sounds rough overall…

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Mostly has been said in the post before this one. Maybe this simple advise will help you to improve in a more structural meaning.

I once read a book of a famous Mixing Engineer (Mike Senior). He gave lots of good advise. One I never forget: learn to listen. You might think it’s a simple thing, to listen. But it isn’t! It takes time, hard work and being tough on yourself

What helps: listen to your track on all kinds of things. Headphones, EarPods, Boom Box, Monitor Speakers, Computer Speakers, Car speakers … whatever you have within your reach. How does it sound? If you can afford it: buy a mixing cube from Avantone. It’ll surely help you.

And remember: You know it supposed to dance!

Good luck!

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Thank you .Little tools, because mixing is easy, but it does not help.

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Thahk you for your help.

Thanks for the advice.