Hard reject. Why?! ((


These two tracks rejected. Help to understand the reasons!




Well, the first song is immediately obvious that very poor mixing , the instruments are not balanced very dry , all very transparent once you see all the mistakes , I don’t like !!!

With the second the same , I think you need a filling ( like pads ) to fill the void , the other people have mistakes that too many tools and you have too little )))) work on arrangement !!!

Cheers !!!


Hey, first track is mixed very poor as remarked by @WildLion_Production. Also the samples sound cheap. The percussion is lost somewhere in reverb.

A lot of the same issues in the second track. Very unbalanced mix in relation to the track levels, sounds rough overall…


Mostly has been said in the post before this one. Maybe this simple advise will help you to improve in a more structural meaning.

I once read a book of a famous Mixing Engineer (Mike Senior). He gave lots of good advise. One I never forget: learn to listen. You might think it’s a simple thing, to listen. But it isn’t! It takes time, hard work and being tough on yourself

What helps: listen to your track on all kinds of things. Headphones, EarPods, Boom Box, Monitor Speakers, Computer Speakers, Car speakers … whatever you have within your reach. How does it sound? If you can afford it: buy a mixing cube from Avantone. It’ll surely help you.

And remember: You know it supposed to dance!

Good luck!


Thank you .Little tools, because mixing is easy, but it does not help.


Thahk you for your help.


Thanks for the advice.