Why Hard Rejected?Give advice.

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just had a quick listen, some of the elements are quite loud in comparison to the rest. Overall I’d say your track and especially the drams can use some compression to glue everything together.

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Hey. When you mix, just reference your tracks against your previous two approved tracks. Those have you sound you want. Do what you need to do to refresh yourself on how you mixed those two tracks. Those two are good.

Best wishes to you.

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You can suggest a good lesson on mixing music


to be honest I don’t know if the mix is the main reason for rejection.
For example at 0:56, I find all the instruments sound a bit too “cheap”, a bit too “MIDI” if you see what I mean. Maybe some delays, reverb, changes in velocity, would help sound less mechanical.

I again have a tough refusal.

What are my main mistakes.

Please specify them.

I cannot judge the style - I am no expert, it sounds like some oldschool dance something, but I like the idea overall. The mixing is somehow agressive, listening it with my usual headphones (a consumer, common pair), I find this is a bit harsh on the high frequencies.

But what annoys me a bit more is the not perfectly timed clap drums at 1:00 for instance. Just after that, there is a synth melody with a strange double note, that does not seems to be perfectly in time either… I know they can be very demanding as far as timing is involved. (I had a soft rejection, and it was because of timing)

Thank you very much for your advice.