hard reject track

Hello everyone! i had hard rejection track. Good people help me to know the problem.
Thank you!


I listened on my iphone, but think the track has too little variation. If you add some instrument or vary in the arrangement it would be better.

Do so and you will understand why not take.

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thanks for the comment

thanks for the comment

Nice track!
It’s strange, that it was not approved!
Maybe problem in mixing…

thanks for the comment

program how to download?

The song sounds ok to me. I do not understand exactly what happened!
I noticed several things though.

I just heard it with my studio speakers (Dynaudio LYD 7) and the first thing I notice, is that it seems as if it lacks a bit of treble and bass. I think you need to adjust the EQ.

I would say as well, that musically it’s very repetitive (but I’ve heard same repetitive songs in AudioJungle accepted). What happens, is that maybe it does not have a musical development, in which maybe you can add some new instruments, or making more arrangements.
Maybe you did copy paste without arranging enough!
The truth is that the song sounds ok to me, and I personally like it.
I hope it helps!


Thanks to your comments I can get to the point

Sorry for my english, I’m using google translator.

I am not an expert, much less, so take my words with some relativity.

It’s a nice track, I think it works perfectly as background and therefore has commercial future!

I would say four things:

  1. Beware of the mix! There are many instruments playing in the middle. Try “open the mix”. That is, take some instruments to the left and others to the right. Leave in the center alone: ​​bass drum, bass and melody. Carefully, gently. Do not overdo it.

  2. I think the bass level is correct. There is a lack of enhancement in the treble zone (between 4k and 6k).

  3. The hit hat is very mechanical. Too quantized and the midi speeds of each hit are too similar (I think). Try playing a little bit more with these two elements. It may be a little too high, too “forward” in the mix …

  4. There is an instrument that is doing the chords. This instrument is a bit lacking in definition. Try raising treble and / or placing some plugin to add harmonics in this area. Another thing you can try for this instrument is to duplicate and pan for the left and right ends (with different equalizations and compressions, and also, minimally displaced over time). This will give the mixture more “thickness” and the sound will become more enveloping.

  5. I think it can increase the feedback of the delay so that the instruments have a little more repetitions and do not decay so quickly.

Good luck!

what program? any equalizer in the music sequencer. and the fact that the screenshot “Voicemeeter Virtual Audio Mixer” virtual mixer for Windows.

thanks for the comment