Hard reject. Please advice.

Hi! I have received the notice of this hard reject. I don´t understand why and I want to learn about it, I don´t want to repeat the same mistekes next time. This is the song:


Thank you all! :wink:

Hello RBP!

In my humble opinion there are some problems.
A melody not clear. Some instruments not really in tunes.
A lack of compression. A feeling that there is no mix.

Sorry if i m a little hard, but, finally it is for you!

It is just my feeling, and the song don’t seem to be motivational for me!

the best to you!

Agree - I think there could be more of a melody over the basic chords that you have. Also perhaps the whole thing is slightly repetitive. Maybe include more variation in the structure or instrumentation. And yes, at the beginning it does sound rather ‘iffy’ re tuning - see what you can do there.


Thank you TheBlueHorse! You are not hard, I need honest answers. I´m in dude, how is possible not in tune :!?
I don´t know…
About no mix, Please tell me why? Cohexión? Eq?Comp? Rev?Thank you again !!!

Thank you purecompositon! I´ll study that cuestions.Really I think I don´t have perspective for that now, I will review in some days…

I dont see how this is not in tune. maybe chorus and delay effects affects on that, bug generaly song tunes well, imo. natural harmonics also fits well.

and about mixing and compressing and stuff, I cant tell, because this is also my biggest issue. I can play good, and record it, but I know very little about mix and mastering…

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Thank you Jorgovan , but, do you hear it out of tune too?

no bro. maybe some harmonics that you do in the beginning, sounds like ‘‘out of shape’’ but you cant say its out of tune.

Yes I have the impression, the feeling that it is out of tune. Effects on the guitars at the beginning!
But you know it is just my feeling.

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Hi, RBP_music.

maybe add some extra guitar melody or progression after 1:55?
and make the drum section not so permanent.
and add a breakdown after 1:22?
I think the key is arrangement. and of course - quality :smile:


It’s a incredible analisis, thank you Keso :wink:

Hi, i think you have a lot of information in just one track and that is not recommended for commercial music, You can use some of the ideas of this track and make more than once!

Too much instruments?

no brother im talking about that you have to much ideas (Melodies) for just one track, maybe you can use them for many tracks instead of one!

Beautiful track! But I feel the void between the drums/bass and melody. I think you need to add pad… maybe piano chords that so popular today.

Good track! But obviously need to finalize. Try to improvise. All the best!

Here’s what’s good about it

-Tempo and chord progression keeps things moving
-It changes throughout the track with new instruments, stays interesting

Here’s what’s not so good…
-Bass is over powering
-Drums sound out-of-date and MIDI
-Guitar is thin sounding. Single coil bridge pickups tends to sound a little cheesy in these contexts. I would double it up with some additional instruments
-There’s no catchy melody in the beginning of the song for the listener to latch onto.

There is a piano but perhaps it’s not sufficient…:confused:

Im working on it, thaks :wink:

Bass!!! Mmm i’ll study it, thanks