Hard reject on HTML template


We submitted an HTML template recently, but it’s got hard-rejected:

I’d appreciate your help and feedback on what might be wrong about this template and the possible reasons it got hard-rejected.

Warm regards.

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Hi kyan_otello,

Here some insights.

  • JavaScript issues while scrolling

  • Improve typography hierarchy (Programming vs What I Do Best):

  • Improve line heights, vertical distances (follow a pattern for all texts/blocks)

  • Equalize, define a pattern of distances for margins, paddings (top, bottom, left, right, between icons and titles, etc) and use it for all project

  • Large and simpleheading Icons/Data, consider that any designer can quickly do what you did, so deliver something more exclusive:



  • No need to write loading (you can hide and make it optional), dots are self explanatory:

  • Bolder font for all section titles

  • Improve details… Example: you could make the “Order This Plan” button for Professional package with white background:

  • You don’t need the rounded border surrounding the pricing packages, look:

  • I would make the footer logos all white and remove the symbol, remaining only typos in white (Themforest, Codecanyon…)

  • Background effects, mouse cursor, animations in general: they should be secondary for your project. Make the project prime by the design itself, with no dependency of secondary details.

This is a good start. All issues pointed are basic, if I can see, reviewers do as well. Don’t upload your project without solve all basic issues, or you mostly get a new rejection. You can ask opnions here on the forums before submissions.

Keep going and good luck :+1:

While @webdesigntrade gave you a very thorough feedback, it also kinda gave you a false hope that this can be somehow improved to the state that it can be approved. I don’t think that’s true unfortunately. I would recommend to just start over from the scratch instead of trying to salvage this one. This design is very, very far from the required quality standards and it is IMHO a total waste of time trying to improve it. You need to seriously work on you design skills before you will be ready to upload something here. And that can be done only by practicing, practicing and practicing again. Just do something new and do it better, again and again until you get your skills up to par.

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@webdesigntrade @LSVRthemes Thank you both for your tips & opinions :pray: