Hard rejected (1) ThemeForest

I recently uploaded an HTML theme and it got hard rejection. I’ll be grateful if you can point the weaknesses in it so that I can work on theme in my future items.

Here’s the demo

Thank you!

It is too basic, it was done too many times before, you need to come up with original work than we can talk about another aspect like typography…

There are many issues with your items. I am trying to address some.

  1. Menu alignments are not correct. Only one major issue like this can become enough for hard rejection.

  2. Visibility Issue. The white color does not match with the background.

  3. Overlapping:

  4. Readability Issue:

  5. The blog sidebar color and design should be improved.

  6. Mobile view has some issues. Example:

  7. Another one:

Overall the design should be improved more.

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Thank you very much!

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Welcome always! :+1: