Hard Rejection | Html Template

I recently took my second chance and uploaded another HTML theme after the first rejection, and unfortunately it was REJECTED as well.
I’m new to this business and I don’t have much infos about Themeforest standards.

Can someone please let me know what is wrong in this ?

here is the link of the demo.

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The demo link is not working.

I took some time to make some hard changes in the design and layout !!
Here is the new lik !!

Hello there,

There are multiple issues causing it rejected, you need to focus on the below points:

  1. Improve screen usability by utilising full width and height. Currently, on About us page, half of the page is occupied with the header only.
  2. Improve the readability of content by improving the contrast ratio.
  3. “+” sign on every header label makes it looks like it is not aligned properly. You should think in some other way for this.
  4. There was some error in the image slider.
  5. Tilting image on mouse hover inside the rectangular box isn’t a good idea. You either need to remove it, or you need to zoom the image a bit.

Hope my feedback will help you. Happy Templating!!!

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Thank you for your help .!
I’ve found a lot of errors, on small devices that I didn’t pay attention to.

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