Hard reject of a guitar track

Already posted here about this track:

and after nobody replied, I submitted it and got rejected…
so, what’s wrong with it?

The sound of guitar is a little “MIDI”…

Hey Alex!

All of the sounds you’ve used - particularly the main guitar - are just not realistic sounding. Everything sounds very fake and MIDI.

Thanks everybody for your input,
well, I’m curious, all the tracks I submitted here (8-10 items)
were rejected…
then I submitted all of them to pond5, and there everything is accepted
and more - some items are sold already(?!)

Next, I read the forum here time to time and see,
what others say about somebody’s music,
for example:
“hey, your track is better than my own ones, that are accepted…I don’t know why yours has been rejected”

What about the said above, guys?

Guitars from GuitarPro ?

No, the lead is Torch blues. Didn’t hear about Guitar Pro, is that any good?

GuitarPro it’s a multitrack tablature editor/player for guitar. GP with RSE soundbanks sounds like in your track. Try to use more realistic library or record guitars yourself.

Well, Pond5 and AudioJungle are completely different sites with different routes they want to take. Just because something is right for one site does not mean it is right for another. This is something that has to do with branding. A rejection from AudioJungle doesn’t mean ‘This track is awful and could never sell’ (although sometimes that may be the case), but means something more along the lines of ‘This track isn’t right for AudioJungle’.

Saying that ‘your tracks are better than mine even though they were rejected’ is a nice sentiment, but if the reviewers don’t agree or aren’t persuaded then it’s ultimately a rather useless statement. The reviewers here are human, and that means that you have to allow for a certain level of variance when it comes to acceptance standards of tracks.

Anyways, I’m happy that your tracks have sold elsewhere, that’s great! Good luck in the future both elsewhere and here on AJ!