Hard reject... Need feedback. Please.

Hard reject. Don’t know why. May be because I’m not using any professional audio equipment: no monitors, no studio headphones. https://soundcloud.com/askar-dyussenbin-558725619/epic-inspiration

That’s pretty fine arrangement, but yeah never forget the rule. You can’t mix if you can’t hear, there is certainly flaws in mixing. I bet if you could hear it on cool gear, flaws will be obvious.

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The first thing I noticed right away was the big shots that happen every 4 bars are clipping… and that is on my 30 dollar sennheiser HD201’s at work (at around 22 seconds for example). Arrangement is great!

оо Аскар казаксынба? Тут такое дело, нужны хотя бы наушники. Вот как хотя бы у парня постом выше, синхайзеры. А идея, аранж - хороши

Good idea of arrangement, but mixing and mastering are really bad. All instruments merge into porridge and conflict with each other.

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Couldn’t hear the clipping… Does someone else hear it? My headphones are Sony MDR zx-100 pretty cheap ones though

Ассаляму Алейкум! У меня Sony mdr zx-100 б/у купил за 5000 тенге. А вы с какого города?

c Алматы ) Может что-нибудь из проверенного байердинамик, синхайзер, акг.

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Слушай там, выше orbiterred написал что у меня клипует чето там. Ты тоже замечаешь?.

Orbiterred wrote above that i have sth clipping in my track, I couldn’t hear it, can I ask you to check and see if you can hear it?