Hard reject laravel application which has approved codebase and admin template in envato


We uploaded SAAS Project Management tool today but got hard rejected which is annoying.
we have a code base from existing our Envato application and Admin template we used with extended license and email approval.
Envato approver rejected the item within 30 minutes indicating standard email that item isn’t at a quality standard. We have spent 2 years developing it. We are 100% sure that quality is better than other existing envato project management products. now we lost time, money and trust.

Our demo - https://chetspms.chetsapp.de

We asked review earlier as well in the forum, and it was positive. Please suggest on our item.

Thanks in Advance!

Did you submit the link about the original template has been approved already?

Yes, submited link and extended license.

As it’s hard rejected and there’s nothing we can offer, I believe that you may need to find better idea.
I’m aware it’s frustrated but not much things to do.

this is a better idea. i think, there is no tool that provides this theme options and Agile project management. anyway, we will try to host and provide the service by ourselves and sell it locally.

lol look like they use bot or some kind of auto tool to reject our submit. Not even single glacé to the code an demo. Someone is even get rejected in 10 minutes.

Really hope this will be treated other way soon. Been couple months since I noticed that