I need feeback on my first project, I got hard reject twice


I’ve got hard reject twice on my first project. I need feedback on my project.

This is a message I got for rejection :point_down:

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “RapidForms - Laravel Form Builder” and unfortunately, we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Here is the project details :point_down:

– Project name: RapidForms - Laravel Form Builder with Frontend Website
– Project description: link
– website: link
– admin: link
email: admin@demo.com
password: password

– preview image link
– thumbnail image: link

– The application built with
---- Tailwindcss
---- Alpinejs
---- Laravel
---- Livewire
---- Filament

Apart from the design issue ( lack of the design and details ) this is something you could achieve with Google Forms and some other big companies offering free services.

This is not a good idea as an premium item and if you keep re-uploading the item which you shouldn’t, it would cause more issues such as your account may be blacklist or your account upload rights may be revoked.

@ki-themes Thanks so much for your feedback.

Are there other reasons for rejections that I should take care of?

The coding may be good but the general idea is not good enough to be sold as “premium” item. Find better idea.

Focus on aesthetic design and coding standard.


Thanks for your feedback

To determine the reasons for the rejection, you should contact CodeCanyon’s review team directly and request specific feedback.

They can provide insights into the issues that led to the rejection and offer guidance on how to improve your template.

Carefully review their submission guidelines and address any deficiencies they identify before considering resubmission.

Additionally, seek advice from experienced developers or forums to gain further perspectives on enhancing your template’s quality before attempting another submission.

Even our website template got rejected many times and it finally got approved: bitrixinfotechpvtltd's profile on CodeCanyon

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@bitrixinfotechpvtltd Thanks

How can I contact the review team directly to request specific feedback?

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It’s very very unlikely that they will give you feedback on hard rejected items

Envato Author Support

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Dear bitri,
How can we " contact CodeCanyon’s review team directly and request specific feedback."

Because they do not list all issue detail when your plugin is hard reject


If you found something helpful, please tell me