[Hard Reject] - Isn't at the quality standard required to move forward

Hello community,

Unfortunately, my second item upload on TF was rejected - We have completed our review of “Travelata - Travel Agency & Tour Booking HTML Template” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

The idea was to create first a HTML template and after approval moves forward with WordPress version, but seems like I need to do a lot of improvements on HTML version of the template. Template was created using quite new technologies like (Eleventy, Nunjucks, AlpineJS and TailwindCSS).

You can check the demo on this link (https://html-travelata.wpzoro.com/).

Where can I improve to receive approval? any feedback will be useful for me.

Thank you!

Here you can find project online docs (https://docs.html-travelata.wpzoro.com/)

The main problem is aesthetics and design. This template looks a bit outdated, bland and unfinished. It is interesting because I just had a similar template approved, and it also uses Alpine JS, but not Tailwind (Bulma instead). I cannot post the URL here since self promotion is forbidden on the forum. Therefore, you can look at my portfolio and look at my recently approved Alpine JS listing template. On ThemeForest, your template should always beat some of the most recently approved ones in order to pass. In other terms, your should beat mine to receive an approval.


Hey, thank you for your feedback. I don’t think there is a lot of difference between Tailwind and Bulma for approval. I think more problems can be on “aesthetics and design” part and this is a bad thing for me :frowning: I’m not a designer (for this project I hired UI/UX freelancer), and right now I’m blocked on this part and don’t know how to do these improvements, seems like I need to hire another designer to fix current one ))
Maybe some examples with screenshots will be helpful for me, instead of general messages like “it isn’t at the quality standard required” or “aesthetics and design”.

Thank you!

As an example I found a recently approved template in my category, here you can find the demo (Travele | Travel & Tour HTML5 template). I don’t think this template has better quality on design and aesthetics. The major difference I see is that this template has a lot of pages in comparison with my template. Do you think I need to do more work on demo content? Maybe add more UI elements, more sections and pages or this will be more effort and money spent without any effect because this template needs a lot of improvements on some basic UI/UX things like colors, typography and so on.
I just want to have some directions right now and to understand if that item in its current state can be extended to some new demo content to have a more “finished” product, or I need a complete redesign?

Thank you!

Some areas of this one still look better and polished. Its often a matter of details. Or course the number of page variations and content matter. There shoukd be way more. Take a look at my most recent template, it is the same niche as yours. It will give you an idea of the expected design quality.

Hoooray! After some improvements my item was soft rejected and after some small fixes, my item is finally on sale right now :slight_smile: Thank you guys for your feedback!