Hard reject. How it can be possible?

I don’t understand why it’s rejected. I got this canned reply and it says “it does not meet Videohive’s strict quality and originality standards”. Really?

I’m no video expert, but if I was a buyer looking for a Christmas background, I would not choose this. The snowflakes are ok, but the cloth kinda just looks like some sort of liquid or smoke moving around. The snowflakes get lost in it. That’s my opinion, but I’m just an audio guy, so wait for feedback from other authors.

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Of course there are tons of reasons why it may or may not be suitable. But does it “not meet Videohive’s strict quality and originality standards”?

Btw, Envato approved two other variations of this project. It’s allowed to submit up to three color options, so it’s not against the rules to submit one more video and I believe this is the best variant. But it has been hard rejected. A kind of an inconsistency?

Is that Form? Anyway you would achieve a more aesthetic look by using multiple layers of the same layer. What i would do, darken the background just a little, and increase the contrast of the form, then duplicate the form layer, make the contrast even higher, and add glow to it. It should give it a nice subtle glow and get some great highlights.

The problem right now is that it’s a little too flat, while that might work for certain scenarios and is indeed what you were going for, maybe making it more ‘dynamic’ would give it a higher chance of being approved. You might even want to add ontop a fractal noise layer, set the complexity to 3-ish, increase the scale to around 3-4 times bigger and animate the evolution with something like (expression : time*25). Then you can set this noise layer to “screen” and lower opacity to 15%.

Anyway good luck next!

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Hey, @Voxyde, sorry for the delay. Thank you very much for the feedback!