Hard Reject - Feedback appreciated! Really want to improve.

So I’m having a hard time trying to “understand” what I did wrong in this case.
Any help would be appreciated, I would like to improve!

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, for me, your drum mix sounds weak. It has low energy and sounds like the piano takes over the low frequency area and you high-passed the kick?. it needs to be punchy, solid and in your face. Maybe you need to work on the mix for this track IMHO

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Oh that really makes sense, drums mixing is the weakest part of my game. That really helps a lot, thanks!

Unsuccessful arrangement and selection of sounds. Your already accepted tracks sound much better.
I would speed it up a little, remove the triplets from the piano, kick every quarter and remove the scary sound in the background. You can of course do it your way. I’m sure you will be able to remake this track in a coordinated way.

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Hey, that’s really helpful! Thanks. Yeah, I agree with every idea, I’ll try remaking the track keeping what you all said in mind!
Not quite sure what you mean with the scary sound in the background but I’ll figure it out I believe, haha.
Makes me happy that there’s a really helpful community here.