Hard reject after soft reject

Hello. I recently submitted an HTML template for review and received a soft rejection. The message was: Thank you for your introduction.

“NovaBuild – Construction Company HTML Template” is not quite ready for ThemeForest. But don’t worry, we’ll be happy for you to resubmit your application after making the changes described by the reviewer below. When you’re ready, you can upload your changes here.

Here’s our review team’s feedback:

  1. MAIN IMAGE. The main preview image must be 590 x 300 pixels. I also need the 01_ prefix (eg 01_preview.jpg).
    You may provide additional preview images, they must be in JPG format. All images should be named in the order you want them to appear: eg. 01_preview.jpg (main preview), 02_home.jpg, 03_about.jpg."

  2. Parts of your demo still seem unfinished/unfinished. Expect functionality (such as internal pages, links or lightboxes, etc.) that is not present in your demo. Buyers expect this template to provide all possible features. Please check the item carefully before resending.
    A completed demo is required for the review process.
    As higher quality products come onto the market, approval requirements will increase to maintain adequate quality in the market.
    We look forward to reviewing your application once the changes have been made!
    Envato Market Team

But after making the changes and resubmitting, I received a hard reject with the following message:
Thanks for your input. We have completed our review of “NovaBuild - Construction Company HTML Template” and unfortunately found that it does not meet the quality standard required to move forward and you will not be able to resubmit the item.

Why did they send me a hard refusal, although the first time I received a soft refusal? I could not understand. I would appreciate any advice.
Thank you.

It’s not bad but I don’t see the point of a preloader, is not like it is some fancy 3d website that needs textures,

Some of the animations are exaggerated and the design seams a bit updated.

This is a rare incident for me but, this is what proves that they are not robots… my suggestion is just make something even more unique… what is clear is that your product has been really taken into account by them but they expect more than that… they want your product to sell well, that’s all.

good luck

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thanks for your answer, I’ll take that into account

Hi @Mindful-Design:

Try to design more unique and high quality, If you do not know how to design it then you can see other examples but nothing copy but only give ideas.

Remember: All designs approved by Themeforest more hight quality because many buyers like any design can buy your design good sales.

I would be grateful if you point out errors in the design and what can be improved.

Thanks for the answer.

Overall structure is pretty good.

Here are some issues I notice:

  • Everything is bordered. It’s outdated
  • Typography needs improvements. It’s hard to read
  • Contrast needs to be improved
  • Hover animations are too slow
  • Spacings needs to be improved
  • White box with gray border with gray section background is no good
  • Team section needs to be redesigned
  • Testimonial section is too basic
  • Those boxes with sharp border color doesn’t look good on gray background
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