Hard Rejec. Please, help newcomer.

I Uploaded my second template and got rejection, this is what the reviewer wrote:
“Unfortunately, this project does not offer much new, nor provide an outstanding visual quality that would over-perform those projects we already have”.
As I’m a newcomer here and this is my second project, I would greatly appreciate any feedback/thoughts.
My project: Sport Opener

the message from the reviewer gives you a good indication already. The project is very similar to existing projects while being of lower quality.

What is of lower quality: The elements and all animation seem very randomly placed with not much structure or thought behind it. The motion is lacking the most, there is no dynamic in the motion. There needs to be more interesting easing and a much better use of the curve editor.

Given that this is a well saturated niche, your project - even if it was executed perfectly - looks very similar to existing, already stellar looking templates, I’d advise to create a new project that is not in a category already saturated, and follow the advice from above to make that new project better.


Hi. Just two details besides everything that @Creattive explained perfectly. At time 0:15secs, the vertically stretched text doesn’t look good if you take into consideration the kind of projects approved nowadays with similar animated text style. At last, the final reveal of the logo is just a basic fade-in that requires a lot more work.
Hope this helps. Good luck!

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Thanks for your feedback!
Could you write an example?

And more specifically explain:

Thank you!