Hard rejction on this html project, any thoughts why rejected?


Thank you all in advance

It is not that bad overall, but some things need improvement:
Make your design more interesting - currently the layout is the basic, classic “top navigation” > “hero section” > “sections” > “footer”. There are hundreds, if not thousands templates just like this (submitted years ago of course). Every day the standards are getting higher and higher and such an item has no chance of getting approved.
Also the hero section/page header is hard to read when there’s an image background. Maybe make the overlay stronger for the white text to be readable.
And some technical details - In your “contact us” page you have a contact form, but the fields are not validated for the user input and it is always good to validate them, even if your don’t have a working form.

So I would say, your item is not bad technically speaking, but the design needs to be improved a lot.


Thank you for your informative reply, I appreciate this so much
I will do my best to put your advice into action.
Thank you again.

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