Why should this template be rejected?

Please give me your opinions about why this item may be hard rejected with the message:
“we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”.
I need your help just to be get improved.
can anyone help me and tell me wheres the problem .?

any critiques are welcomed.
Thank you all

It’s better but there’s still several of the same issues as before -

  1. for a psd you are making things hard for yourself by having a small and simple design.

There has to be premium value eg why would someone buy and code yours rather then one of the numerous high quality and already built options.

To this end, the design needs to be pixel perfect, bring original and stand out (beyond just right) features and you are going to need to be sure you are including example pages for individual products, blog posts, and ideally alternative layouts of the hero page.

  1. all sections still need to breath more and increase consistent top/bottom padding

  2. watch the alignment eg the list below the hero point doesn’t align to the rest of the page

  3. I’d make the products 3 not 4, space then better and show then as a carousel, maybe even show how one looks if hovered upon

  4. the unnecessary white space between the CRA at the bottom and the footer should go

  5. the 3 icons in the 5th section down under the copy feel out of place. You do need to distinguish sections where possible but only if it can be done right and not appear forced and unnatural

I know we have you pointers before but that can never be “a checklist” - this has to be trends that can be applied throughout a design

Thanks @charlie4282 for your valuable comments.

I will keep in mind all your comments while designing further templates.