plz tell me why hard rejected?


Hi @bundleProject, sorry to hear that your item got rejected. For me, although the design is not bad, it should be more unique, especially the layout. For the most part, it looks like basic Bootstrap with rounded corners and different color scheme. These days it’s getting a lot harder to get approved, if you are not offering something with unique layout and design.

However, that is not the main reason I think - you have many “technical” problems with the item:

  1. In the header/hero section of the pages there is not enough top-padding and the menu is overlaying on top, making it almost unusable. Here is what I mean:
Page Screenshot

Always test your items in different resolutions and devices.
2. As seen from the above screenshot as well, the “call to action” button in the navbar is also not visible enough because of that problem. The reviewers take into consideration these problems.
3. There are some inconsistencies throughout - for some paragraphs you use white text, for others gray and in some places the gray is used on a background which makes it almost unreadable:

Unreadable paragraph Screenshot

The same goes for your components - accordions, tabs, cards, pagination, etc. - they feel inconsistent in their design.
4. In the contact form you don’t have states for the fields - hover, focus, active. From a user’s perspective this is not good. Same goes for the form validation. It’s always good to have some indication on which field is mandatory, which isn’t and if the form has been successfully sent.
5. In some pages the top of the footer is not visible because its overlayed by the previous section and some of the contact info is not visible. This in itself would be a reason to get rejected.


Really thanks for your reply! You opened my eyes to certain things.

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