Halloween Costume Contest 2018



My entry:

I hope you like, if you like it please vote like :slight_smile: regards.


I tried the Low-Budget-Cosplay this time:

  • A Black blanket (for covering my body)
  • A White Sun Protection Coat (which covers my head & arms)
  • A Black plastic bag (to make the eyes)
  • 3 cheap paper-masks (to make the white skin)
  • Thanks strawberry for making my red lips :slight_smile:
  • Thanks Envato Element for providing this Halloween Preset.

:sleeping:Saving time, saving money :money_mouth_face:


@merkulove Cool ! :+1:


Hand Drawing :no_mouth:




Little Champ of PIXINVENT


I think you will win :trophy:

Effect Nun Movie :clapper:


Two Face with a Feminine touch!


Amazing Costume. :+1:


Thanks! I hope so :grinning:


Hmm… So many newbies liked your post :wink:


Nice :slight_smile:


And those quick made profile pictures of multi accounts :joy::ok_hand:


Good luck I hope you more 27 like for you will winner this contest :slight_smile:


Thank you so much.
Your entry is also awesome and impressive :+1:


Nice :slight_smile:


It’s really amazing work, white colors for this day it’s really new!


Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Good luck brother :japanese_ogre::imp::ghost::alien::space_invader: